Tavern Melon, Petrovija, UmagWe wish you the warmest welcome to the Tavern Melon!

Tavern Melon is located in a small village near Umag called Petrovija, on the main road to Buje. The environment of our culinary space is extremely comfortable and warm with a family atmosphere, which will give the impression of comfort while enjoying the dishes of our cuisine, where besides the traditional Istrian dishes you can try wide selection of meat and fish dishes from Istrian cuisine like dishes under the lid (veal, lamb, suckling pig), beef steak with truffles and local squid, shrimp, sea bass, gilthead...

 Melon family is responsible for warm the atmosphere, which owns tavern since 2004.

Contact Information

  • Bujska 11, Petrovija
  • 52470 Umag (Umago)
  • +38552720843
  • +385 91 54 65 521
  • emanuel_melon@net.hr

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